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Featured on Andrew Gelman’s website

Pleased to see BabyBirthday featured today in Andrew Gelman’s blog on statistical modeling to provide a solution to this common problem!

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More details

More details about our initial results:

Obstetrician Amazed at Ability of Baby Birthday App to Predict Delivery Date

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Initial results are in!

How accurate are the predictions made by Baby Birthday? I have completed analysis of the first group of patients that used the Baby Birthday app and let me know their results after they delivered.

I am amazed that the model was 58% accurate at predicting the exact date of delivery. This was 11 times more accurate than the due date itself (which is correct only 4-5% of the time).
The date calculated by Baby Birthday outperformed the due date in predicting delivery day 83% of the time.
The standard deviation in this group was only +/-2.32 days around the predicted date.

In developing this app, my intention was simply to give expectant parents a better idea of when to expect their baby’s birth, to guide anticipation and planning.

I am thrilled with these results!
How well did Baby Birthday work for you?

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Look for us on iPhone Life

iPhoneLife Magazine

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Coming up on your chance to have an 11/11/11 baby

February 17th or 18th are great days to conceive to shoot for that 11/11/11 due date, but fewer than 5% of women will actually deliver on that due date.

So many factors influence the actual date of birth, including your prior birth history, whether you are carrying multiples, and medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Then, later in the pregnancy, there are many other factors. Some we understand, like the cervical exam, but others are still a mystery, like the baby’s signals that start the labor process.

The iPhone app, “Baby Birthday“, provides a customized prediction of when to expect your baby’s birth based on your individual circumstances. Not only do you see when the baby is most likely to be born, but it provides the chances of the baby coming in the next day, next few days, next week, next two weeks, etc., so you can plan.

Plus, it is just fun, and includes a lot of other information that is so helpful especially in the third trimester.

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It works!

Twice in two weeks, Baby Birthday predicted the exact delivery date for my patients. Both moms went into labor and delivered on the predicted day (with no prodding or encouragement from me of course).

Of course my real goal with the Baby Birthday app is to provide an estimate of when to expect the baby (meaning, 10% this weekend, 27% this upcoming week, etc.).

But, when it comes out with a date prediction that is exactly correct, that is always fun too!

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New review from the iPhone Mom

…Based on your answers to these and other questions Baby Birthday will give you a “most likely” due date. You’ll also be provided with percentages for how likely you are to deliver in the next day, next three days, week, two weeks, month or next two months. These percentages will become more accurate as you approach your due date.

Baby Birthday is the first due date calculator I’ve tried that takes all of these factors into account. I think it’s terrific that there’s now a more personalized alternative…

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Does it work on the iPad?

I also wanted to answer a question that came up —

If you don’t have an iPhone, but you have (or can use) an iPad, Baby Birthday works perfectly on the iPad (but in a smaller window, just like other iPhone apps are displayed on the iPad).

If there is interest I may develop a version that fills the entire screen of the iPad…

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Some great reviews…

A sophisticated “baby birthday” calculator *****

This clever app by on OB leads you through a series of questions to compute when your baby (or babies!) is likely to be born. The app’s calculation includes the usual variables (e.g. length of prior pregnancies) and some surprising, at least to me, variables (such as the barometric pressure). The result of the calculation is not just a forecast for a particular birthday but a set of probabilities that your baby will be born in the next day, next week, next month, etc.

The app includes many (iPhone) pages of well-written descriptions of all the inputs into the calculation and lots of additional information, too. I haven’t encountered any bugs.

I highly recommend Baby Birthday! – Todd Small


A fun and useful app for moms-to-be *****

As a nurse practitioner delivering prenatal care for over 15 years, I am frequently asked by my patients if they are likely to deliver early or late, etc. Sometimes they need to plan care for their other children, or know when their Mom should buy her airline ticket to come and be with her at the birth. This app is a fun (and useful) tool to give a mom-to-be some factors to consider, and some prediction beyond a general “only your baby knows” response!

Of course, ever woman’s pregnancy differs, and no single prediction algorithm can cover all the factors, but Baby Birthday provides a thoughtful way to help my patients understand the many variables that go into the answer to their question. – Pam P.

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First update is on the App Store!

Got the first update up. Baby Birthday 1.1 is now available on the App Store. I have tweaked the mathematical model a bit and added a few conveniences like the day of the week.

Let me know what you’d like to see!
And fan ‘Baby Birthday’ on Facebook, too!

Thanks for checking it out…I hope you are enjoying it.

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