I had been thinking about a baby-delivery-date-predicting machine for years, when I got my iPhone in 2010 (I’d been using “PalmPilots” for years…). After only a few days with my shiny new iPhone, I began to see how the device could be the way to implement my idea.

The ability to download the barometric pressure data for any location, in addition to being so portable it can be brought right into the doctor’s office, made it the perfect platform for my calculator. I had the mathematical prediction model already — I just had to get it in a form that parents could use.

Initially I planned to share the idea with an experienced developer and have them do all the hard work, but then my husband presented me with “iPhone Programming: the Big Nerd Ranch Guide”.

After starting slowly up a painful learning curve, I was able to get enough programmed to believe the app was possible. Using Dapp (a tool to layout apps and provide a framework), the Apple Documentation,  and the priceless posts on the StackOverflow forum as guidance, I have finally completed the Baby Birthday app and am ready to share with parents all over the world.

In my day (and night, actually) job, I’m an obstetrician/gynecologist in private practice in beautiful Pasadena, CA. I did take a programming class (CS11!) at Brown University, where I also worked as a computer consultant (and got to meet Steve Jobs, too). Otherwise, I was pretty much out of the field completely during the entire electronic revolution while I completed medical school at Johns Hopkins and then my residency at the University of Maryland Medical Systems.

When I came back to programming, it was quite different from my Pascal class in college. Now, when I compile and run my app, it is immediate. Back then, we’d compile and walk down to the corner store for a bottle of grapefruit juice while the program cooked.

I like it this way better.

Toni Morrissey, MD FACOG

Developer of Baby Birthday



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