Posted by: babybirthday | May 24, 2011

Initial results are in!

How accurate are the predictions made by Baby Birthday? I have completed analysis of the first group of patients that used the Baby Birthday app and let me know their results after they delivered.

I am amazed that the model was 58% accurate at predicting the exact date of delivery. This was 11 times more accurate than the due date itself (which is correct only 4-5% of the time).
The date calculated by Baby Birthday outperformed the due date in predicting delivery day 83% of the time.
The standard deviation in this group was only +/-2.32 days around the predicted date.

In developing this app, my intention was simply to give expectant parents a better idea of when to expect their baby’s birth, to guide anticipation and planning.

I am thrilled with these results!
How well did Baby Birthday work for you?


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