Posted by: babybirthday | February 10, 2011

Coming up on your chance to have an 11/11/11 baby

February 17th or 18th are great days to conceive to shoot for that 11/11/11 due date, but fewer than 5% of women will actually deliver on that due date.

So many factors influence the actual date of birth, including your prior birth history, whether you are carrying multiples, and medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Then, later in the pregnancy, there are many other factors. Some we understand, like the cervical exam, but others are still a mystery, like the baby’s signals that start the labor process.

The iPhone app, “Baby Birthday“, provides a customized prediction of when to expect your baby’s birth based on your individual circumstances. Not only do you see when the baby is most likely to be born, but it provides the chances of the baby coming in the next day, next few days, next week, next two weeks, etc., so you can plan.

Plus, it is just fun, and includes a lot of other information that is so helpful especially in the third trimester.



  1. Wish me luck with my quest. #111111Baby

    • You still have a little time! Especially if you are hoping for multiples since they tend to come early, giving you more time…

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