Posted by: babybirthday | December 17, 2010

Some great reviews…

A sophisticated “baby birthday” calculator *****

This clever app by on OB leads you through a series of questions to compute when your baby (or babies!) is likely to be born. The app’s calculation includes the usual variables (e.g. length of prior pregnancies) and some surprising, at least to me, variables (such as the barometric pressure). The result of the calculation is not just a forecast for a particular birthday but a set of probabilities that your baby will be born in the next day, next week, next month, etc.

The app includes many (iPhone) pages of well-written descriptions of all the inputs into the calculation and lots of additional information, too. I haven’t encountered any bugs.

I highly recommend Baby Birthday! – Todd Small


A fun and useful app for moms-to-be *****

As a nurse practitioner delivering prenatal care for over 15 years, I am frequently asked by my patients if they are likely to deliver early or late, etc. Sometimes they need to plan care for their other children, or know when their Mom should buy her airline ticket to come and be with her at the birth. This app is a fun (and useful) tool to give a mom-to-be some factors to consider, and some prediction beyond a general “only your baby knows” response!

Of course, ever woman’s pregnancy differs, and no single prediction algorithm can cover all the factors, but Baby Birthday provides a thoughtful way to help my patients understand the many variables that go into the answer to their question. – Pam P.


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