Posted by: babybirthday | November 10, 2010

The Baby Birthday iPhone App

Announcing the birth of a new App!

It is neither a boy nor a girl – it is a fun and scientifically based way to predict when your baby (or babies!) will actually be born.

The due date you get at your prenatal visit is just an estimate. In fact, only 5% of mothers give birth on the due date, which is just the date that your baby will be 40 weeks along in development. Lots of things affect the actual date of your baby’s birth.

This is not just a due date calculator. Developed by an experienced obstetrician, Baby Birthday is something completely new and different:

Baby Birthday predicts your baby’s actual birthday and the chance the baby will be born in a certain time window – for instance, will your baby be born before your mother-in-law arrives to help at home?

Many factors determine when you will deliver, including when you go into labor, when your water breaks, or when you might need to be delivered for some other reason to reduce the risk of complications.

The Baby Birthday formula takes into account many factors including:

•            Your prior birth history

•            Your individual medical and surgical history

•            Your physical exam findings

…and, using the amazing Core Location abilities of your iPhone,

•            the barometric pressure patterns that affect your pregnancy!

Many other factors are also used to calculate your prediction, including how far along you are (for example, the further along you get, the more likely you are to keep going past the due date!) and even logistics like the day of the week.

As an obstetrician, the question I am asked most is, “When will my baby be born?”.

Finally, Baby Birthday helps answer that question.

I hope you will have fun learning about the many factors that influence your baby’s birth date, while waiting for that special day to arrive!

Also: in the lower right corner of every page, you will see an info icon. Tap that to learn more about each topic. You’ll find detailed information about the effect of medical and surgical history on your pregnancy, packing lists, information about your cervical exam, and more!

Baby Birthday offers a lot of useful information even early in pregnancy, but it is really exciting in that last trimester, when your predictions will change every day! Come back daily in the third trimester to keep track of your special package delivery date!

Of course, always consult your own doctor or prenatal care provider for advice about your individual medical circumstances.

Congratulations and best wishes for you and your baby!

Toni Morrissey, MD


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